What is Cryptocard?

The problem of cryptocurrencies

The market for cryptocurrencies has become more and more complex and confusing for the ordinary layman in the last 10 years, who is not dealing with this topic on a daily basis.

At the same time, the broad interest in Bitcoin and Co. continues to increase. More and more people are realizing the great potential that cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have and would like to participate in with all the opportunities and risks.

If it were not so complicated, e.g. create a wallet, create an account on one of the numerous crypto exchanges, trade yourself, manage the coins, etc.

The solution
We at CRYPTOCARD have been dealing with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for several years and have developed a simple and simple solution based on the familiar pre-paid maps.

Thus, cryptocurrencies and access to them are no longer a secret and now accessible to everyone.

Buy the CRYPTOCARD (currently SWISSCOIN CLASSIC SICC) from one of our authorized agents (physical version) in your area or directly here in our online store (digital version).
First, create a FREE account at https://my-cryptocard.com/signup.
NOTE: You can also join our attractive affiliate system as a networker without having to buy a product!

After purchasing the CRYPTOCARD, enter the code (for the physical card, scrub the code on the back of the card, for the digital version in the online shop you will receive your code within 24 hours by mail) on our homepage https://www.cryptocard.world/reedem.
During the redemption process, you have the choice to decide whether you:
a. Initially, you can have your coins safely and cost-effectively managed by our experts at CoinTrade24
b. The Coins themselves want to manage their offline wallet from SWISSCOIN CLASSIC.
NOTE: A later change to one or the other form of administration is possible at any time.

Finished! You are the proud owner of SWISSCOIN CLASSIC (stock exchange identification: SICC), which you can trade, exchange (for example in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies) and sell at any time on the following stock exchanges. However, we recommend the professional management of your coins via our CoinTrade24 experts.